ProDoor will attend site as soon as is possible and advise on the most cost effective and efficient repair possible. A quotation will be provided prior to repairs commencing and dedicated staff will be on-hand to carry out repairs when costs are approved.

There are many factors to consider when installing security measures and ProDoor offers a full site survey free of charge in order to advise the best solution. This will be followed by a comprehensive quotation.

ProDoor is not a manufacturer so our recommendations are entirely independent and based solely on what’s best for your property, organisation and budget.

Not only may this well be a legal requirement, it is also more cost effective in the long run. Minor faults, if left untreated, can develop in to serious and costly issues. These situations would be prevented by regularly maintaining your equipment.

From a legal perspective, it can also be a health and safety issue if any person (or vehicle) are injured due to mechanical or electrical failure

ProDoor is a completely independent company and the partners that we have chosen to work with are those who, in our extensive experience, have consistently proved to be the best. This is not based always on cost, but on reliability and product longevity. This, coupled with our friendly and personable approach, means that ProDoor UK Ltd will make an ideal partner.